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What drives your muse?

Many things, situations, and people can drive your muse or inspiration. It can drive your creativity, lift or bring down your mood (when it’s away on holiday and won’t answer your questions), and even alter your day-to-day activities.

My muse drives many things in my life, and is often the little voice screaming as if far away in the distance of my mind, “Hey! Listen to me. This is the answer!”

My other type of muse is more creative and cunning. It operates with the use of songs, taking a deeper meaning from the lyrics and twisting them to the story I’m writing. Often when I listen to music I see a scene I’ve written – or am currently writing – as if it’s playing out in my head like a movie. For me, relating the lyrics to an event changes the character’s actions and reactions, their feelings and emotional responses, and results in a more real and in the end relatable scene that – I hope – gives the reader an emotional reaction to what I’ve written.

Everyone has a muse, whether you’re a writer, artist, poet, creator, dreamer, or anything else that inspires you. Your muse may be stirred by a feeling, a tiny voice in the back of your mind, a drive, or something you look at or listen to.

So I’d love to know, what is your passion and how does your muse inspire you?

Signing off for now, J.L. Myers

Where It All Began…

Many people, situations and circumstances brought me to where I am today, and created the person I have become. All these things now drive my need to write.


In the beginning my decision to write a novel, although lighthearted, came from darker and much more desperate place. It was in the months following the birth of my son, the angel of my life and the one thing that makes me continue on each day. Apart from having an emergency C-section, followed by many other issues after his birth, postpartum depression set in.

With a family history of depression, postpartum wasn’t unexpected, especially given my prior history and longstanding struggle with anxiety. But this was monumentally different. Many things made me feel like an inadequate mother, wife, and even human being. I was sinking fast.

Reading became my escape from reality. The only problem was that the stories I was reading didn’t speak to the pain I was feeling. So I had an idea, a last stitch effort to reach out for something to hold on to.


This was my light bulb moment.


I would write my own story, the story I wanted and needed to read, and a story where the turmoil of my current and previous struggles were the driving force.

That day the first words to What Lies Inside were written, and something amazing was started. More than an escape, the determination to write this story gave me a purpose. It became a channel to take everything I was feeling—the anger, the regret, the despair, the betrayal, the disappointment and the loneliness—and turn it into an outlet that helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life.


That pain is behind me now, for the most part, but my need to write has remained. There is a life of experiences that drive my pen to scrawl across paper or my fingers to dance over the computer’s keyboard. So with many years of life left, I don’t see that slowing down any time soon.


This is my story, one of many, and this is where it all began…

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