What Lies Inside – Book 1 of the Blood Bound Series

WLI Print Cover 2013Thrust into life as a blood-thristy vampire, Amelia’s forbidden love for her mortal enemy will rewrite the lies of her past and alter the path she was created to walk.  Read More» 

Made By Design – Book 2 of the Blood Bound Series

MBD paperbackAmelia searches to unveil the truth of her creation, but a darker threat is closing in, one that could take away the one thing she can’t live without…  Read More» 

Web Of Lies – Book 3 of the Blood Bound Series

MBD paperbackForced into vampire politics, all Amelia wants is to find and save Ty—her lycan-vampire boyfriend—but is her undying love being wasted on a dead man?  Read More» 

Born To Die – Book 4 of the Blood Bound Series

btdAmelia will do anything to save her best friend’s life…even when he’s already dead. But needing Ty and his blood to hide the monster she’s becoming could be the end of all of them.  Read More»