Born To Die

Book 4 of the Blood Bound Series
COMING 16th Dec 2016!

After Amelia’s twin Marcus snapped her best friend’s neck, a letter lets Amelia hope that his death may not be his ultimate end. Now hidden among his damned minions, Marcus claims to know the steps to take, but won’t reveal them without getting what he wants—Amelia damned and ruling by his side.

With the damned threat escalating, the vampires and werewolves will have to work together if they hope to survive—but old habits and hates die hard. With Marcus always one step ahead and Amelia now in full transition to become damned, she will have to control her own violent urges, watch her back, and keep the peace.

To pull off the impossible, Amelia needs Ty—and his blood—to tame her murderous side and hide what she’s becoming. But as they fight to save her best friend and stop her twin, it all starts to fall apart. Even Ty’s hybrid blood can’t keep Amelia’s dangerous impulses in check—and Amelia can’t keep hiding her feelings for the guy she never stopped loving.

Vampires, werewolves, the dead, and the undead…who will win the final showdown?


Paperback and eBook coming soon!

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Born To Die (Blood Bound, #4)